Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Curriculum Maps

Curriculum Maps

Grade 9 Integrated Math

Grade 10 Integrated Math

Grade 11 Integrated Math:

Entire program, organized by standard:

Pacing for each standard and cluster were determined with the use of the Content Specifications with Content Mapping for the Summative Assessment of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, Draft, August 29, 2011 which was “developed with input from content experts and SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium Staff, Work Group Members, and Technical Advisory Committee” in a project facilitated by the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative.

Essential Questions and Textbook
Essential questions are used to pique student interest in the topic and/or connect new learning with previous knowledge. The Core-Plus Mathematics Series is the textbook referenced in this curriculum.

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Assessment and Differentiated Instruction
The activities presented in the Bloom’s Taxonomy section may be used for formative or summative assessment. Teachers are expected to determine which activities are most appropriate for their students. Teachers may also choose to offer a collection of activities in a given unit for students to choose from; student choice encourages student buy-in while allowing the teacher to differentiate instruction based on student ability and interest.

Vocabulary is provided with each standard. Vocabulary is repeated throughout the course and throughout the unit. This is intentional. The purpose for duplication across units is to assist the student in understanding how mathematical topics are interconnected and relate to each other and to assist students in building on prior learning. The vocabulary is duplicated within the lesson for the same reason for teachers who desire to focus on vocabulary on a daily basis in addition to the overall unit vocabulary.

Strengthening the Curriculum
Future curriculum work for math includes developing longer direction sheets for Bloom tasks, incorporating more technology – especially as it relates to test-taking, including writing tasks related to Bloom’s activities, and creating rubrics of expectations.