The curriculum presented on this website was written by Michelle Ihrig. Although some of the content was written during the school day, Michelle wrote most of the curriculum in her spare time on the weekends and during the summer without compensation. The curriculum was written for the benefit of a CT charter high school during their charter renewal process, and the material was reviewed by the State of Connecticut Charter Renewal Team on February 14, 2012. The curriculum is approved for use. The curriculum guides are based on the Integrated approach to Mathematics as detailed in Appendix A of the Common Core Math Standards.

The Curriculum PDF files are for easy reference; the PDF files also contain textbook page references. If you are a school or district interested in adapting the curriculum for your needs and would like the information as a MS Word file, please email Michelle to receive the documents free of charge.

Most of the information on this site in terms of essential questions, Bloom's activities, and vocabulary, was written by Michelle. On the occasion when other resources were used, citations were provided. If a citation was missed, please contact us, and it will be added.... it is all about information sharing!

The information located on the topical indexed pages include the same content in the curriculum; however, the information is categorized for ease of use and sharing. Please note: not every standard contains content. The missing content is due to the fact that the standard is not addressed in the Integrated Math Curriculum. A PDF file of the curriculum grouped by standards is included on this site. If you would like the information as a MS Word file, please email Michelle to receive the document free of charge.

Best of All --- This site is fully searchable thanks to Google! GO GOOGLE!

About Michelle: Michelle holds a B.A. in Mathematics 7-12 with Special Education Certification, M.S. Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology, and Ed.D (ABD) Educational Leadership and Educational Technology. Find her on LinkedIn for more information (

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